Always working in partnership with parents
Nobody knows a child better than their parents. By working closely with parents, our nursery practitioners can improve their understanding of how to relate to your children and find a common ground on which to gain their interest and attention.

We believe that it is imperative for a nursery to maintain a child’s home routine. Our nursery practitioners make sure that whilst your child is in our care, we work around the needs of each individual child, and mirror their home routine and schedule as much as possible, eg sleeping pattern.

Integrating early years nursery care and education

All members of the Brook Babes Nursery team have key children, for which they are responsible for ensuring their individual needs are met and that they feel secure and cared for. We provide free settling in periods one month prior to starting nursery, this gives parents and the Key Person a chance to begin working together. We believe that this settling in period helps build a relationship between the Key Person, children and parent as well as making the transition between home and nursery much easier.
Actively pursuing higher standards of nursery education 
We recognise the importance that every child is unique and may do things at different ages and stages. This is why it is invaluable that we work with parents to share information on what you know about your child in the Prime Areas of Learning.  As Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Physical Development impact on all areas of development is it vital to help us to support their learning in the best possible way.

Responsive interactions within a group setting helps to build children’s confidence, meaning they take risks and explore the nursery environment and form positive relationships with both the carers and other children. As children move into new rooms, transition meetings are held with the Key Person and Parents. Additionally, children have settling periods prior to the change.