At Brook Babes we aim to meet each
child’s individual needs in an inclusive
manner through tracking their
developmental stages, we then make
a referral for extra support if
required. With Special Education
Needs and Disabilities this often
means adapting our provision to
make them accessible by changing
around the environment/equipment
so all children can flow free around
the room. Sometimes this is through
simple measures such as using Comic
Sans Font  for visually impaired,
using a variety of communication 
methods for the Hard of Hearing. 

We work in close partnership with 
other professionals such as the Stars 
Team for Autism, Speech and 
Language Therapists, Children Centre, 
Scope, Health Visiting Team and 
many more. Practitioners receive 
additional training on how best they 
can provide activities and adapt their 
routines to promote the child’s unique 
development needs.  

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