Toddler Rooms
The age-range in our Toddler rooms 
is generally between 18-26 months 
and have a 1:3 ratio. Each child is 
assigned a Key Person who will build 
a development profile so we can track 
your child’s progress. They are 
responsible for ensuring that 
appropriate activities are planned to 
enhance each child’s development.  
As Toddlers explore the world around 
them, through negotiating space and 
movement practitioners plan enabling 
environments that help young children 
to practice their new found skills, 
which include pushing, pulling, 
rocking, climbing and riding toys. 
As their play is often very physical it 
involves lots of movement of 
themselves and things; they use their 
whole selves to learn about their 
world, to do their thinking and to 
communicate with others.  At Brook 
Babes we appreciate that being active 
is essential for brain and body 
development, so we often take our 
activities into the outdoors where 
everything in the environment is an 
invitation for action.
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