Passionate About Childcare!

"I started Brook Babes in 1995 as I wanted to be able to go to work with peace of mind that my children were cared for in a happy, secure and stimulating environment and where I believed my children mattered. For myself, finding the right childcare was more than a means to an end."

Brook Babes is an organisation where everybody counts. We are dedicated to creating a nursery which ensures children grow up in a safe supportive environment that meets their individual needs and enables them to reach their full potential. Our values embody our way of working, 'Respect; Integrity; Kindness; Always learning and Working together.' Working with Brook Babes offers a real opportunity to make a difference to children's lives.

Over the years we have grown as an organisation and so has my believe in our Values. We worked together to create a culture that strives to maintain our warm, welcoming, personal touch, where everybody has a sense of belonging, whilst balancing our growth in response to demand.

I am more convinced than ever that enriched nurturing childhood experiences are paramount to enable children to be resilient and resourceful individuals into adulthood. To do this we employ caring professionals, with the same passion as I hold to improve children's experiences and understand the importance of children as individuals.

Brook Babes is registered with Ofsted and is committed to improving standards for children through implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) effectively to support children. Children's needs are met through caring, knowledgeable adults understanding what interests them, what they are trying to achieve and planning to meet these requirements.