Baby Rooms

Our Baby rooms caters for 6-18 
months and the ratio is 1:3 in line
with current standards.  They
provide stimulating experiences in
a warm, caring environment, led by
practitioners who have a uniquely
significant role; they influence
sensitive human beings during the
most formative period of life and at
Brook Babes we believe this is both
a tremendous responsibility and a

                                                 Every baby is assigned a Key Person                                                          who will have a constantly deepening                                                        understanding of your child’s                                                                    development and will plan activities to                                                        help them flourish, stimulate their                                                              learning and support their emotional                                                          well-being; these include sensory                                                              resources to nurture their curiosity, painting with their hands and feet, singing to stimulate conversation, one to one cosy reading times, movement activities and much more to encourage our babies to investigate their surroundings with all of their senses.
Every baby is given a Daily Diary so
we can keep you informed about all
the key moments of their day, such
as sleep times, nappy changes,
meal times and activities.  There is
also a daily page for parents to
complete to keep us up-to-date
with regard to any health-related
issues there may be, any new
interests your child might have or any particular food likes/dislikes they may have developed so we can meet their individual needs. 

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