New Funding 2024

The Department for Education has launched its application portal for the new scheme for working families from April 2024. Families will therefore have two methods by which to apply for two-year-old funding.

Existing scheme for 2 year olds of families accessing some form of government support and other categories

Please note that the DfE continue to use the term 'disadvantaged' in reference to these families.

This can be accessed via the following Leeds Parent Portal link: -

Two-Year-Old Funding (

Families facing issues with the service can email Leeds childcare services at

Eligible families will receive a confirmation email and a 6-digit alphanumeric code to present to ourselves.

Scheme for 2 years olds of working families from April 2024

For those working families interested in the new scheme from April, please visit the following website: -

Apply for free childcare if you're working

If you already have one, you may apply through the same childcare account that you already use for Tax Free Childcare or for Extended entitlement (30 hours) for another child. You will be sent an 11-digit eligibility code to present to you as evidence of their eligibility.

a. Funding begins the term after your child turns two. The term start dates are 1st April, 1st September and 1st January.
b. The code must be obtained before the start of the term it is to be used in, as currently for 3&4YO Extended Hours.
For an April start, the deadline will therefore be 31st March
c. Codes must be renewed every three months, as is the case for current Extended hours eligibility codes for 3&4YOs.
d. Parents will be advised on the government website as to the best dates to apply each term. For April starters, this is mid-January. If you have already applied, this is fine, but you must be aware that the code may need to be renewed before the end of March.
e. A child will retain the same eligibility code when they turn three, to access the Extended hours scheme.

If you are facing facing any issues with the application or your childcare account, please contact the HMRC Childcare team on 03001234097 directly. Leeds City Council have no access to their systems and cannot make decisions on the eligibility of the family.

Families who satisfy both schemes
There may be a small number of families who satisfy both schemes. If you satisfy the disadvantaged criteria (2-year-olds - GOV.UK ( , then please visit the Leeds Parent Portal link in the first instance. Unlike the working family scheme which requires reconfirming every few months, those eligible under the disadvantaged route retain this funding regardless of any changes in circumstances and do not need to reapply or renew.