Tweenie Rooms
The age-range in our Tweenie room is 
generally 26-36 months and have a 1:4 
ratio. Children in this age-range have a 
drive to ‘do it myself’ so our rooms are 
rich in resources that invite 
experimentation and are designed for 
imaginative and creative experiences.  
Your child’s Key person will track their 
development placing more emphasis on 
the three prime areas of learning, 
namely Personal, Social & Emotional 
Development, Communication & 
Language and Physical Development, 
as we know these have a big impact on 
future development.  

This incorporates the two-year-old 
integrated check which involves a child’s 
Key Person working in partnership with 
the local health visiting team and 
parents to ensure they are meeting 
age-related milestones; we are proud to 
announce that Brook Babes is one of 
the first Nurseries in Leeds to carry out 
such meetings at our settings.  Children 
in this age-range declare their 
ever-increasing independence in all 
kinds of ways so our practitioners act as 
role models by ensuring they are 
courteous and pleasant when 
communicating with the children, demonstrating respect and giving them space when they are feeling big and strong and hugging them when the world looms large and they are feeling small and vulnerable. 
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