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Holiday Club

Holiday club is open 7:30am – 6:00pm and children are provided with 3 healthy meals a day and have free access to fresh drinking water and milk.  

In addition to our continuous play
provision and resources available for
children to freely access, children also
participate in a range of crafts, sports
and cooking activities on a regular
basis. Children help shape their time at
the club and form friendships with
children from a variety of schools who
regularly attend.  They participate in
choosing activities such as ‘Britain’s Got
Talent’ shows, going on nature walks,
building dens, bringing in their bikes
and scooters.  

Furthermore, we arrange visitors to
attending the setting based on the
interests of the children,such as music
teachers, active sports, mobile farms,
Zumba, wood workshop,
exotic pets, etc.
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