Government Financial Support

To help with the costs of childcare, there are several options available;

  • 15 or 30 hours free childcare: The UK government provides free childcare for children aged 3 to 4 years old through a scheme called the Early Years Free Entitlement (EYFE) or the 30 Hours Free Childcare Scheme. Under the EYFE, all 3 and 4-year-olds are entitled to 15 hours of free childcare per week for 38 weeks of the year (equivalent to 570 hours per year).
    The 30 Hours Free Childcare Scheme, on the other hand, provides eligible families with up to 30 hours of free childcare per week for 38 weeks of the year (equivalent to 1,140 hours per year). To be eligible for this scheme, parents must meet certain criteria, such as working a certain number of hours per week, earning a minimum income, and having a child aged 3 or 4 years old.
  • Tax-Free Childcare: Tax-Free Childcare is a scheme run by the UK government that helps working parents with the cost of childcare. Under this scheme, eligible families can get up to £500 every three months (£2,000 per year) per child towards the cost of approved childcare.
  • Childcare Vouchers: This is a scheme that allows parents to sacrifice part of their salary in exchange for vouchers that can be used to pay for childcare. This scheme is closed to new applicants as of October 2018, but parents who are already enrolled can continue to use it.
  • Universal Credit: This is a benefit that combines several different types of support, including help with childcare costs, into a single payment. Eligibility depends on income and other factors.

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